Sports Association of the war veterans founded in Zagreb in 2003. on the initiative of Barrie Rodolfo Saavedra and his closest associates. Sports Association was founded with the aim of promoting and improving sporting recreation of war veterans and their families and families of missing in the war. In addition, the Association seeks to work to promote environmental protection, and is active in the fight against drug addiction and alcohol addiction. ŠDVDR Zagreb is a nonprofit legal organization.

SPORTS ASSOCIATION OF THE WAR VETERANS SPLIT was founded in 2007. Split along the lines of ŠDVDR Zagreb. 2003. The Rodolfo Barrio Saavedra (Ju jitsu black belt) founded Ju Jitsu Club “Black Dragon” in Split and begins with training in Judo club “Student”. The aim of the club is planning and development of Ju Jitsu (after a short time the circumstances have changed and we started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which have not changed the aim and mode of the club) as well as martial arts, organizing and conducting regular training of members, and all to prepare for competition and development of martial arts, instruction and training of children and adolescents, care for the construction, maintenance, use and management of sports facilities which club owner or user, to take measures and create conditions for improvement professional services and other activities prescribed by the statute of club.